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Jay Stokes Bio/Resume

Willard L. "Jay" Stokes, retired from the U.S. Army as a CW-4 after 24 years and began a career as a professional civilian skydiver.

He has a Masters Degree in International Relations and a second Masters Degree in Security Management from Webster University. He is currently enrolled with North Central University, Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership.

When Jay retired from active duty as the Military Freefall School Safety and Training Officer, (assigned 14 Dec 92 - 15 Dec 97) his duty responsibilities were:

Safety officer for the Military Freefall School and officer-in-charge of an Advanced Skills Detachment consisting of all aspects of high-risk military freefall (MFF) airborne operations. Ensured safe conduct of student training jumps including night, oxygen, standoff, Tandem, MC-5 and aerial delivery during all weather conditions. Assisted in evaluating training and doctrine and reported current trends in MFF training. Represented the commander, USAJFKSWCS and USSOCOM through training assistance teams in all MFF issues. Advised and assisted in the planning, developing, updating lesson materials, and conducting performance oriented training/instruction to ensure the highest standards were met.

Military Freefall Ratings

Static Line Jumpmaster
MFF Parachutist
MFF Jumpmaster
MFF Instructor (MFFI-120)
Military Tandem Master Examiner
Video Instructor
MC-5 Static Line Ram Air Parachute System
Oxygen Systems technician for both types of
equipment manufactured in the U. S.

Civilian Skydiving Ratings

Advanced Instructor Course Graduate
Advanced Instructor Course Examiner
Instructor Examiner Rating Course Examiner
Skydive University Coach
Skydive University Coach Examiner
Static Line Instructor
Static Line Instructor/Examiner
Static Line Instructor Rating Course Examiner
Accelerated Freefall Instructor
Accelerated Freefall Instructor/Examiner
Accelerated Freefall Evaluator
Accelerated Freefall Designated Evaluator
Accelerated Freefall Instructor Rating Course Examiner
Tandem Instructor (USPA)
Tandem Instructor/Examiner (USPA)
Tandem Instructor Rating Course Examiner (USPA)
Instructor Assisted Deployment Instructor
Instructor Assisted Deployment Instructor/Examiner
Instructor Assisted Deployment Instructor Rating Course Examiner
Tandem Instructor (Relative Workshop)
Tandem Instructor (Strong Enterprises)
Tandem Examiner (Relative Workshop)
Tandem Examiner (Jump Shack)
Tandem Examiner (Strong Enterprises)
Tandem Examiner (Stunts Adventure Equipment)
Military Tandem Vector Examiner
Tandem Examiner Trainer (Stunts Adventure Equipment)
Tandem Examiner Trainer (United Parachute Technologies)

Certification Unlimited History

Military Static Line System Inspection and Repair
For Pioneer Aerospace in Latacunga, Ecuador
February 2011

Military Parachute Rigger Instructor Training and Certification
For Pioneer Aerospace in Singapore
December 2010

Product Demonstration for FXC Corp in India
November 2010

Senior Parachute Rigger Training and Certification
Special Warfare Center, Seoul, ROK
July/August 2010

MFFI Course for Tactical Air Operations
Skydive San Diego, CA (full time contractor)
June 2010 to Present

MMPS Course for the USMC and Complete Parachute Solutions
Tactical Training Facility (Coolidge, Arizona)
September 2009

Mach IIIA System Inspection, Assembly, Rigging, and Jumping
Santa Ana, California and Skydive Elsinore, California
May 2009

Military Static Line System Inspection and Repair
Latacunga, Ecuador
December 2008

MC-4 System Inspection and Repair
Elefsina, Greece
November 2008

MC-4 System Inspection, Assembly, and Rigging
Santa Ana, California
March 2008

Mach IIIA System Inspection, Assembly, and Rigging
Ancon, Peru
Sepember 2006

Inspection and Certification of Airborne Training Apparatus
Sweihan, United Arab Emirates
Augiust 2006

Mach IIIA System Inspection, Assembly,
and Rigging Tel Nof, Israel
January 2004

Canopy Inspection and Assistance to the Fuerzas Espesiales de Golfo
Tuxpan, Mexico
October 2003

T-10C Packing and Maintenance Training (Airborne Brigade)
Mexico City, Mexico
December 2002

Mach IIIA Equipment Familiarization Training
Agra, India
May 2002

Para Point and MT-1Z Rigging and Employment Training
Ankara, Turkey
April 2001 to May 2001

Mach III Alpha Capability Demonstration
Mexico City, Mexico
February 2001

Military Freefall Parachutist and Oxygen Training
Ankara, Turkey
July 2000

Parachutist High Altitude Oxygen System and Oxygen Console (PHAOS/OXCON) Technician Training
Botswana April to May 2000
Military Tandem Master Training and Certification
Santiago, Chile
November 1999

Military Freefall Instructor Augmentation
at the Military Freefall School Yuma Proving Ground
March to September 1999

Parachute Demonstration Jumper Training
Selected Saudi Land Forces
Tabuk, Saudi Arabia
November 1998 to January 1999

Military Tandem Master Training and Certification
for U.S.M.C
Quantico, Virginia
Jul 1998

Static Line Parachute Demonstration and Training
Katmandu, Nepal
May 1998